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Thursday October 4th, 2012 - 18h00
Royal Ottawa Golf Club
4 course meal
$77 per person plus taxes and service
As per club policy, no jeans please

Nine Party Don'ts and One Do

Grey Cup Party Etiquette


The countdown has begun. The Toronto kickoff to game 100 is just a few hours away. You’ve showered and are wearing your team’s jersey. Your favorite beverage is in your cooler. You're ready to go to your friend’s party. 


Before you walk out the door make sure to bring your party manners. Here are nine don’ts and one do to be reinvited next year to Grey Cup 101:


1. Don’t coach at the TV.
2. Don’t double dip nachos, veggies or any other party foods.
3. Don’t lick your fingers of chicken wings’ guck and then high five your buddy.
4. Don’t talk or interrupt during the commercials.
5. Don’t ‘vogue’ during Bieb’s show.
6. Don’t gossip about his girlfriend Selena.
7. Don’t take pics of friends in ‘low places’.
8. Don’t post anything on facebook or tweet, before doing the two fridge test.
9. Don’t even think of calling in sick tomorrow.
10. Do thank your host(ess) when leaving and with a call or email again tomorrow.



Most importantly: Don’t drink and drive. Make safe ride arrangements ahead. Have fun and Go Argos GO!